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Adding your SCI Zimbra mail account to your BlackBerry

Go into your BlackBerry setup (the wrench icon) and select "Email Settings". There will be a pause while the BlackBerry displays "Connecting to email settings . . ."

Under the "Email Accounts" screen, click the big "Add" button.
Click "Next". You are given a choice of a Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, or Windows Live email. There's also Other. Click "Other" to continue.
The BlackBerry service will try to determine the server information based on your email address. During that time, you'll see a "Processing, please wait" message. Unfortunately, you have to wait for that to time out (it takes a few seconds) before you can move on to the next step. When it can't isolate the server, the BlackBerry will clear your password, unfortunate, and provide you with a link titled "I will provide settings". 
Click "I will provide settings" to move to the next screen.
The default of "POP/IMAP (Most common)" should already be selected. That is what you want.
Your email address and password should also already be there (if you aren't sure of the password, you can always check the "Show Password" box to make sure.