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Community Forums and Support

Open Source projects, both commercial and community based, benefit from the communities they serve on many levels. Community members often help in the development and maintenance of software products by contributing code, fixing bugs, and more. This kind of conversations between users, developers, and employees of the companies behind the products, takes place online using mailing lists, Web-based forums, and IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

If you have a question regarding CiviCRM, vtiger CRM, Zimbra, or anything else Salmar hosts and supports, you may elect to take advantage of the free support that community members offer. These forums cover general discussions, howtos, tips and tricks, and of course, support issues.

For CiviCRM

 - CiviCRM Forums

 - Live IRC chat is available on channel #civicrm at You can also connect to IRC using your web browser by clicking here. You will be asked to enter a nick name to enter the chat room.

For vtiger CRM

 - vtiger CRM Forums

 - There is a #vtiger IRC channel over at but it tends to be fairly quiet. The forums should be your first choice here.

For Zimbra Collaboration Suite

 - Zimbra Forums

 - You can also log in to the #zimbra channel over at

New to IRC? There's an excellent introduction to IRC on Marcel Gagné's Website. Click here to read the introduction. Part two of this introduction is here