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Prepaid Support Contract - Level 2


Our prepaid support contracts are designed to offer a less expensive option for customer needing occasional phone support covering a variety of products and services, including those not necessarily provided by Salmar (e.g. your own personal computer applications such as Microsoft Outlook or an antivirus package). We can help you with Linux or Windows based applications. Level 2 support provides up to five support hours per month at $75 per hour ($375 per month). Five hours would normally cost $750.

  • Time is billed in increments of half an hour or less; for example a 10 minute call constitutes a half hour, whereas a 45 minute call would qualify for a full hour.
  • Time billed outside of our prepaid package is at our standard $150 per hour rate. Only one instance of either Prepaid Level 1 Support or Prepaid Level 2 Support can be purchased by any customer. Beyond monthly prepaid time, standard Salmar rates apply.
  • You cannot 'bank' hours by transferring unused time to another month.

The support contract is good for both Salmar and our clients because it covers some amount of work on a monthly basis. If our customers don't go over that prepaid amount, we don't bill you which saves us time. You, in turn, save money by prepaying our time at a much lower rate.

Price: $4,500.00